Did you check out the bonus comic I drew yesterday? If not, go read it! Everyone likes extra comics to read.

Today's comic addresses the fine line that a parent and his or her offspring walk when discussing each other's sex lives. While I am definitely a big believer in honesty, the phrase "too much information" is perhaps nowhere better applied than in this realm. What I wonder is this: is it weirder to be a girl and get a sex toy from your mom, or to be a guy and get porn from your dad? I'm guessing they're equally creepy.

Thanks again to everyone who sent me a nice email or IM hoping I would feel better. It's a little too soon to say for sure, but I have been doing better the past couple days due in no small part to your well-wishing. I really appreciate it.

Do you like the idea of reading comic strips about a reincarnated pig? If so, then Banish Ed is for you! It is an enjoyable read and its author Eric is a Quality Fellow, therefore it gets my recommendation.

I think sometime tonight I'm going to start another poll about new QC merchandise in the forums. Check in a few minutes and it should be up. I am very interested to know what people would like to see in terms of QC merch. It'd be great if I could keep all these t-shirt orders flowing in! Don't forget, you have until April 1 to order Tip shirts, then they are gone. Better get one soon if you're interested.

That's all for tonight. Have a pleasant weekend, remember to vote for QC on Buzzcomix (and thanks for that!) and I will see you on Monday!

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