Other directories hidden on Hanners' computer: sexy men in kilts, sexy police officers, sexy clean-room technicians.

Here are three comics you must absolutely, positively check out, because they are good:

Ugly Hill has some of the punchiest writing and best character designs in webcomics!

Gunnerkrigg Court is this really, really pretty story about, well, it is tough for me to explain. But the visual style is beautiful and the story compelling. You should read it!

Schlock Mercenary is one of the great grandaddies in webcomics, a sci-fi epic that mixes humor and science in a way all its own. Howard Tayler is also the KING of updating on time. Dude puts the rest of us to shame.

Okay time to go draw another comic! Tomorrow I get a big new tattoo on my arm. I expect to be sore and poorer, but happy. See you Monday!

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