Tonight's comic was a huge struggle to write, but once I got that part done the drawing actually went pretty smoothly. I think. Maybe it looks like ass and I just don't see it. Heh.

Just to pre-empt the inevitable emails and forum threads crying continuity error, bear in mind that Marten' didn't see Faye in her bra from the front in comic #100 (the first time we get to see her scar). He only saw her back before she got her shirt on. The tanktop Faye is wearing now is cut a little lower than her other ones, which is why you didn't see the scar in previous strips where Faye was tanktop-clad. There, hopefully that will save me a little grief. ;)

The ever-lovely Aido drew me some wonderful fan art! Check it out, I wish I could draw as well as she does. To everyone else who has sent me fanart recently and doesn't see it up on the site yet: be patient, I promise I will put things up as soon as I get the chance. I do not hate you, I am just a busy guy!

Expect some new stuff on the site in June. Chief among them will be some improvements to the site design, something I have already started working on (you may have already noticed that the positioning of the site content is no longer locked to the right side of the window, for instance). I'm also going to be debuting a couple new bits of merchandise and other things, so keep your eyes peeled.

That's all for tonight. I had a pretty rough day, but thanks to a good several hours of drawing and some lovely conversation with friends and girlfriend, I am feeling pretty okay at the moment. Time for dinner (yeah, I haven't eaten yet). See you Friday!

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