I'm not sure what to say about John Keogh's guest strip, other than how much I love the Leisure Town reference. If (and this is considerable hyperbole) I am the Norman Rockwell of internet comics artists, John Keogh is the Goya.

San Diego Comic Con is, as usual, a completely surreal kaleidoscope of internet celebrity interaction. I had a conversation with Jerry about Deathmole. I talked with Der Straub and Gabe about bloggers. Harry Knowles' wife came by and bought something. Greeting MC Frontalot was greeting a familiar friend. And then there are you guys- the fans, the readers, the reason I'm here, you who sing such undeserved praise, and give your hard-earned cash in exchange for trinkets, and almost inevitably want a drawing of Hannelore looking concerned about something. I can't speak for other people, but I don't think I'll never get used to this kind of thing- it always retains a sort of Valhallan glow that remains with me long after I have returned to my hotel room. I think "goddamnit, these are the GOOD years" and then I think "goddamnit, I am TIRED" and then I go to bed and do it all again the next day, until it is over.

See you tomorrow.

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