I am amazed that I had the energy to draw tonight's comic.

So MoCCA was tons of fun. In addition to hanging out with Stirling, Aido, Brian, and Mike, I got to meet a whole ton of awesome people.

I got to say hi to RStevens and his lady-friend Jenny, who are always nice to hang out with. I finally got to meet JeffR as well, who is a totally rad dude, as are the fine fellows who do Goats. It turns out that Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics is even taller than I am, and a hell of nice guy to boot. Steve and Joey and Emily are super-nice as well. Steve even spelled my name right when he signed a book I bought! Aido introduced my to Vera, a long-time idol of mine (I think I've been reading RtS since page 4 or so). I'm sure I'm leaving a couple people out here, so my apologies to anyone whom I met and have not linked. Anyway it was my first comic-book convention ever and I had a shitload of fun. Thanks to Stirling and his lovely wife Dawn for providing me with lodging, and thanks to all the nice folks I met for being nice folks (and for actually knowing my comic, hooray!)

I put up some pictures on my LiveJournal, if you'd like to see them. Also I talk about stuff a little more.

This week is going to be completely insane for me, because I am moving to a new apartment on Wednesday. I will do my absolute best to make sure Wednesday's strip is up on time, but it may be black-and-white instead of the usual full-color because I honestly have no time to clean and/or pack otherwise. Hopefully you do not mind!

I think that's it for tonight. I am exhausted, sore, I'm pretty sure I smell bad, and my ears are so infected that I am having trouble hearing (yes I am calling a doctor tomorrow, do not worry I will be fine). Enjoy the comic (smoochin!) and I will see you Wednesday.

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