Hey look, Steve is back! Well, he didn't really go anywhere, I just didn't have any place to draw him in the strip until this comic. Steve fans rejoice! Butt-plug fans are probably also rejoicing, but for entirely different reasons. Faye has very little to rejoice about at the moment.

So you might not have noticed it on Monday, but I have two new shirt designs on sale on the shirts page! The oft-requested Music + Science = Sexy shirt is available for both boys and girls, and especially dashing fellows can also order a shirt with the fighter jet that Steve is wearing if they so desire. For a limited time, every shirt order will also come with a free "I HAVE KNEES" vinyl sticker (white text on black vinyl with the QC URL in fine print) to stick on walls, cars, iBooks, or whatever you like. Remember, you only have until August 17th to get in on this hot, hott preorder action- after that I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen with these shirts.

More good things for you to look at: I put the entirety of the mini-comic I drew for Connecticon online! You can go look at it here. I know the CSS for that page is a little screwed up, please try not to let it detract from your reading experience. Think of it as 3.5 free bonus comics for you to look at this week!

I think that's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic, buy some t-shirts (hee hee), and super-thanks to everyone who votes on Buzzcomix- we've retaken a commanding hold on first place, all thanks to your efforts. I have the best readers ever! I will fight anyone who says different!

See you Friday, chochachos!

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