My apologies to the fine folks over at ThinkGeek for involving them in gastrointestinal shenanigans. As far as I know they do not in fact sell diapers, because babies do not enjoy pooping in something with 0101101101101010110 written all over it (science is not sure why).

It is nice to be drawing again! My day off was spent doing fun stuff like catching up on email and learning how to wrestle giraffes (the trick is to remember that they are very tall).

So the Blood Brothers have a new record out! It is called Crimes and is quite a bit weirder than their last record, the incredible Burn, Piano Island, Burn. I do not like it quite as much so far, but it may grow on me so I am giving it plenty of extra chances. Fans of le Brothers du Blood should definitely check it out.

That is all for tonight! I will see you tomorrow!

PS: I have a mohawk now. It is awesome.

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