Marten and I are alike in our dislike of peein' with other dudes in the room. Especially if they are right next to you or talking to you or something! Eww! This is why if you enter an empty mens' room, you never take a urinal in the middle. Go to the end, dudes, so that I don't have to try and pretend I'm not peeing next to another man who is also peeing.

People have been asking about shirts! The store will re-open within the next couple of days, and I got another shipment of august/september orders in today so those will start going out in the mail ASAP. If you have not recieved a shirt you ordered yet, do not worry- it will probably be there within the next week or so.

Not much else to report tonight. I think I am getting another ear infection, this time in my "good" ear. Hoo ray. See you tomorrow.

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