So I guess Marten had some long hair back in college! Ah, those were the days for him- putting it in pony-tails, worrying about split ends, comparing conditioner tips with his female friends...

Those of you who do not get the rather esoteric reference in panel four would do well to consider the title of the comic, or perhaps hunt around on the official Muppets website (warning: annoying, unnecessary Flash interface) for more details. I tried to make it funny enough even if you do not get the joke though! Hopefully I was successful.

Not much else to report tonight. I do want to give a shout-out to the dude from Hot Topic who recognized Pintsize on the hoodie my girlfriend was wearing when she came in to borrow a store bag.

Oh man, so much for me never using the phrase "shout-out" in my life. Oh well.

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