Hey everyone, just a quick heads-up:

The next three months are going to be really, really, really busy for me. I'm working on two comics, of course. I'm also finishing up the next QC book. I've ALSO got a big exciting family event and the biggest convention of the year (GenCon) within days of each other at the end of July. I'm ALSO working on moving to Canada in the fall! That is a VERY COMPLEX PROCESS. And once I'm ready to move I have to pack all my stuff and get it shipped up and all SORTS of other insanely complicated things. There is more stuff going on as well but those are the big important time-consuming things.

So basically I have a lot going on, a lot more than I usually do, and if I miss a comic update here or there I would appreciate your patience and understanding. My hope is that I WON'T miss any updates, but I am trying to be realistic about everything I have to accomplish in the next couple months. QC is and will remain my first priority, and I will do my best (as always) to update on schedule. I appreciate your support and understanding.

Man I used to write about my personal life ALL THE TIME here and now it just feels super weird. I guess that is what twitter is for.

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