Woo it is a Thursday comic strip woooo!

Apparently a quote of mine made Google's Quote of the Day thingy on Wednesday. I plan on using my newfound internet fame to cure cancer, forge peace in the Middle East, and finally crush Sam Logan once and for all.

I am getting a new MIDI controller in the mail tomorrow! It is one of these and I am excited. Look for some extremely silly techno to pop up on the ol' LJ in the relatively near future.

I've been meaning to mention it, but keep getting buried under piles of other pertinent newspost information- if you're the sort of person who does charitable things for his/her fellow human being, you should check out Child's Play. It's a wonderful charity run by those "Internet Troublemakers" over at Penny Arcade dedicated to easing the treatment and recovery process of children by hooking up their hospitals with some, ahem, phat video game l00tz is the proper nomenclature. Anyway, if you've got anything extra to give this season, that's a particularly good place to do it.

See you tomorrow.

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