I like Dora's stockings. Very Beetlejuice-era Winona Ryder of her.

UPS was supposed to deliver a Christmas present for me today and did not. I would curse them, except I know exactly how insane the holiday season is for shipping companies so I will cut them some slack. Take it easy, UPS dudes and ladies.

So apparently a t-shirt company (whose name is synonymous with "United States Clothing") told Jeffrey Rowland to take down an OverCompensating strip about their sleazy-ass CEO dude. Fuck that noise! The many sexual-harassment lawsuits pending against this dude are just one of several reasons QC does not currently carry merchandise printed on that particular brand of t-shirts. Another reason is that it is fucking impossible for our printer to get their shirts in anything resembling a timely manner. Boo to that, "United States Clothing Company". Boo to that.

That's all for now. I have lots of drawing to do. See you tomorrow.

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