People had been asking where Pintsize was. I guess this answers your questions!

The new Mogwai record Mr. Beast is out, and it is fucking GREAT! It's like a condensed, super-potent version of their live shows, and I think it's their best album since their first one (the classic Young Team). If you like really, really loud guitars, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this record.

PS: Dear Mogwai why are you not playing in Northampton on your current tour? Didn't you have a good time the last time you played at Pearl Street? I know the poeple who run it are supposedly dickheads but COME ON, WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS NEEDS YOUR ROCK POWER.

Okay I am done groveling. I spent like three hours doing laundry today, I still smell faintly of fabric softener and boredom. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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