Musical taste really doesn't have much bearing on whether a given relationship will be successful, in my experience anyway. Cristi has completely different taste in music from me; our playlists only rarely overlap. While her taste may differ from mine, it's still good taste. So we get along fine! Except when I accidentally leave an Animal Collective CD in the car for two weeks and she has nothing else to listen to. This may not apply if your significant other listens to mall-punk, though. That shit is seriously intolerable.

Fun fact: the first show I ever went to was They Might Be Giants. I have seen them four times now. They're a lot of fun live! Ben Folds annoys me, but that's just my personal taste. Clearly, given my oft-professed love for the most ill-regarded albums in David Bowie's oevure (Outside and Earthling), I am not a pillar of objectivity.

I've been having so much fun writing the comic this week. It's normally a stressful process for me, but these past four or five strips have been virtually stress-free in their conception. Of course, having said this I will run into a creative brick wall tomorrow night and spend longer writing the script than drawing it. Oh well!

The Hobocore t-shirts have arrived! They look SUPER-rad. We'll be shipping them out as fast as our little hands will let us. Keep an eye on your mailbox.

Enjoy the comic, see you tomorrow, etc. etc.

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