Right now I am imagining Reeves Gabrels playing a blistering guitar solo over David Bowie saying "help, help, I can't get up" and chuckling to myself. I am weird.

The Math Is Delicious shirts are finally in from the printer! They look SO AWESOME guys, you have no idea. We'll begin shipping them out in the hundreds tomorrow. We should also have some left for MoCCA this weekend.

Somebody pointed out that Sven bears a striking resemblance to the singer of the band Porcupine Tree. I was skeptical until Cristi found this picture of the fellow in question. Eerie!

Sam Logan has a new book out for pre-order! Given his uncanny skill at managing long-form narratives while still being hilarious, it is something that you should definitely check out.

That is it for tonight. I got to try and get a couple strips ahead before we go to NYC this weekend. Drawdrawdrawdrawdraw.

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