This is the kind of comic that happens after two days of being hyper-social and two nights of drinking with some of the most creative, hilarious, weird people on the planet.

So MoCCA was a fuckin' BLAST this year! They put us webcomics folk all together at a couple tables in the back of one of the rooms, and I hear tell that we consistently had more crowds than pretty much everyone else there. I can't verify that though, because I literally did not have time to get out of my chair both days. There was a five-minute span each day where I had time to run to the bathroom and grab a sandwich, but by the time I would get back to our table, there'd be a line of people waiting to say hi and buy shirts! A couple hundred handshakes, sketches, and high-fives later, I can say with certainty that MoCCA was hell of fun. Thanks so, so much to all the nice people who came out and said hello! I'll probably post some pictures on the ol' LiveJournal once I have recovered enough to sort through them all.

I can barely even keep track of all the excellent people we hung out with this year. Ryan North and his delightful lady-friend Allene were super-fun, the White Ninja and Lesson is Learned guys are always a good time, Chris from Dr. McNinja is a True Fellow, David Malki(!) is every bit as dashing as his comics, Chris from Reprographics is a hell of a rapper and makes adorable little wooden alien toys, Steve Carey is a karaoke master, Rosemary Mosco is a total sweetie and had some amazingly good new work to show off (and a surprise painting for me! woo!) and Colleen from Fluff in Brooklyn is a total radosaurus. The Dumbrella guys were fun as ever (although for the full story you should check out Jeffrey's site over the next couple days) and all in all it was a wonderful weekend. Apologies to anybody I met and didn't list, I am nigh-incoherent with exhaustion right now.

So now we're back in MA, answerin' customer service emails, drawin' comics, and gettin' back into the routine of things (at least until July, when we've got ConnectiCon and San Diego to prepare for). Enjoy tonight's comic and I will see you tomorrow, and if you'll excuse me I need to go pass out.

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