Today's delightful guest comic is brought to you by Lem of Bunny fame. He has come through in the clutch and deliviered Prime Quality Humor on a day where I am A) completely wiped out from the madness that was Otakon and B) unable to do a strip of my own for Monday. Regular QC strips resume on Tuesday and I appreciate your understanding in the matter!

So yeah, Otakon was nuts. I've never had that kind of constant stream of people at the table before! Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello, it was lovely meeting all of you. Special thanks to the Little Gamers fellows for showing Cristi and I a good time in Baltimore. All signs point to Otakon becoming a regular stop on the QC convention roster, so hopefully I'll see you all again there next year!

Okay, time to go pass out from exhaustion now. Cristi and I drive back up to Massychusetts tomorrow and there will be a normal QC strip tomorrow night (it may be late if we hit severe traffic, but all signs point to a regular pre-midnight update). See you then!

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