Oh man you guys I have been waiting so long to find a place to use that joke, seriously.

You have probably noticed the Child's Play banner over the newsposts! The Penny Arcade Inter-Tubes Conglomo-Empire runs this truly excellent charity every year, and this year I'm gonna do what little I can to help by encouraging all of you QC fans to check out the charity, and if you're monetarily able, to consider donating. It's a wonderful cause and says really good things about both gamers AND us scruffy, malnourished webcomics folk.

Speaking of the holiday season, if you want to get merchandise from us in time for Christmas, you have to order by the end of November. Any later than that and we can't guarantee things will arrive by Christmas Eve.

Also I am doing Ryan's new advertising thingy, Project Wonderful! It is a really good way to advertise on this site (and many others) for super-cheap, and I've heard that putting an ad on this here inter-site does good things for one's traffic! You should check it out.

Ok that is it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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