Faye pities the fools. Well, not really. Mostly she just punches them. And Pintsize is very good at Trivial Pursuit- you would be too if you had the entire internet indexed in your brain. Steve's alcohol tolerance is undetermined, but given Faye's past drinking habits I would guess he's gonna have a run for his money. Does this mean we can expect the return of Faye's southern drawl next week? Possibly!

It would seem that the site has finally settled into its new design. Repeated visitors on Wednesday probably giggled at all the little changes popping up across the site throughout the day. Super-special thanks to Heather for taking care of that stuff while I held down my day job.

Do you like punk rock and/or hardcore? Do you like the idea of a crazy-ass punk band fronted by a very angry Welshman? Then you would like McLusky. A QC reader sent me one of their records and it is absolutely great. With lyrics like "ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ARE CUNTS! YOUR MOTHER IS A BALLPOINT PEN THIEF!" how can you go wrong? You can't, it is that simple.

I have been getting some seriously great fan art lately, you should really go check it out. Some of the newest submissions include art by Brian from Instant Classic, among other talented individuals! Also if you have recently submitted fan art and it is not up yet, do not fret. I am working my way through a backlog of files and will have everything online shortly.

Don't forget that February 25 is the deadline for ordering a Tip shirt. After that, I have no idea when they will be printed again. If you want to warn cheap people of your murderous habits, order soon!

As I type this QC is at #6 on Buzzcomix. Thanks so much to everyone who votes, it is intensely gratifying to know that you care enough to click things on a daily basis on my behalf.

That's all for tonight. Have a pleasant weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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